DF Cafe


DF adopts the strategy of being present where visibility, high traffic, parking and convenient access and exit are available. So, you can find and get into any DF café without hassle.

The Café offers and serves for your enjoyment, high- quality food at great value. A large selection of freshly-prepared food, most in full view of guests, is presented daily. Close to 102 items, full of flavor, zest and aroma at reasonable prices, are featured.


The Café opens early in the morning and stays open 18 hours per day, providing fun, relaxed and lively atmosphere, to cater to many different local groups and visitors, while meeting every body`s expectations. Every customer has to be 100% satisfied with his/her experiences at DF stores, and with the products and service.

The serving team whose members are trained, motivated and willing to be the friendliest, cheerful, articulate, and the most efficient staff possible, love to serve you and to see you feeling at home when you are there.